Prayer: Lead me and guide me in my life Lord

I just don’t know what way to go as I am pulled in so many different directions Heavenly Father. I want to make the right decisions, I want to look and see what the right choices are so I know in my heart and my soul that this is where You want me to go as You take me down the path of Your design. Yet, confusion clouds my sight as I find myself so tired and weary from trying to work it all out.

You though, O Gracious God, are a lamp upon my feet. Before I was conceived You saw me, You knew me and You counted the days of my life, giving unto me a purpose that lay within the divine hope that You had for me. In that same boundless love, You have made promises to me, telling me if I lack wisdom to come to You with a sincere heart, and You will freely grant to me what I need. Here I am Lord, my heart is open, my spirit is willing, and my soul is in need.

Lift the veil from my eyes then Lord that I may see clearly and understand rightly. Where my wisdom and knowledge fails, where my ability to reason and discern are just not enough, fill the void and bridge the gap for me that I can understand the deeper purpose and meaning of the journey that You want me to take with my life. Lead me, O Lord, to where You would have me be, I put it all into Your hands, trusting that You will guide me and protect me, that You will strengthen and preserve me in Your grace, mercy and love.

Illuminate me, enlighten me, lead me, and I shall rejoice in Your ways as You make for me my way, O Lord.

In the name of Your Son, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who put the full measure of His trust in You and that wondrous plan of salvation, Amen.

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