Prayer: Take my worries from me gracious God

Gracious God, I look to Your promises, I read Your Word, I feel Your Spirit and I know that Your love abides in me in a limitless grace that comes to encompass my life. Yet, in my moments of fear, in the struggles of my heart and the troubles of my soul, I feel worry and anxiety creep in as it tries to rob me of my peace. It burdens me, suffocating me as its weight comes pushes down on me. I know that it doesn’t add even a second to my life, yet, at times, it seems so present, as if inescapable to me no matter how hard I try to leave it behind me.

But You, my Heavenly Father, know ever hair on my head. You have known me since the moment I was conceived, laying out a grand and gracious plan for my life. What escapes Your sight? What can I worry of that You can’t already see and, in Your grace, mercy and love, plan accordingly for?

Help me. Take these burdens from me, lift these worries off of me. In faith I hand them over completely to You that You may show me that my trust in You will always be met with strength from You as they are cast far from me. Give me understanding that I may see all situations rightly, that I may claim power over them rather than letting them take power from me. Keep my mind and heart steadfastly fixed upon You that I stop looking to my troubles, that I stop living in my doubts, and know that, when I need it most, You will be there to preserve me everlasting in the race that I must run.

Show me peace, Your peace, O Lord, that my worries and anxiety may be turned to joy and praise abounding.

In the name of Your Son, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who met every challenge of life in unwavering faith in You, Amen.

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