Prayer: Save me from my bad choices Lord

Merciful God, be now my refuge and my salvation. I struggle with the past, with the decisions that I have made, with the choices that perhaps seemed to come too easily to me as they made. Now, as their consequences are fully seen, and can be fully measured, I wonder to myself how I could have been so blind, how I could have just let it go so wrong. It just leaves me feeling so weak and so weary in the troubles that they bring.

I need hope Lord. I need hope for a tomorrow better than today. I need hope that there will be a better future, a better life than the one that I have, at present, made for myself. Most of all though I need hope that my sins and my bad choices will be forgiven.

I take it and I cast it all to You Lord. I lay it all at Your feet confessing that I am lost without You, that I am a poor and misguided child in need of the love, guidance, wisdom and mercy of my Heavenly Father. Take me and forgive me of my sins, of which there are so many. Let them not take ownership of me as I take ownership of them. Cast me not away, do not disown me now in my need. Show me the grace of Your hope as the promises of Your compassion and forgiveness fill me. Though I am undeserving, bless me in Your loving kindness, letting me learn from my mistakes but leave the past behind me as You equip me to make better decisions and choices with my life.

In the name of Your Son, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who came and died for my sins that I may come before Your throne in His love and sacrifice for forgiveness, Amen.

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