Prayer: Give Me Courage, Show Me Love Gracious God

O Lord, my gracious God, I struggle as the burdens of my heart strip me of my strength and take from me the peace that I long for. There are these moments when I cry, not sure what else is left to do, hoping maybe the tears will drain from me the hurt and pain, the depression and the sorrow from me. It doesn’t. The feelings linger deep within me and it just seems like I don’t want to go on, where I just want to curl up in the darkness of my despair and fade into it.

I know that I shouldn’t have these feelings God. I hear Your Words calling to me as they tell me that my life is a precious gift from You, that my days are numbered in the love that You have for me. Yet, I can’t seem to stop myself. Feeling trapped by the darkness that surrounding me it doesn’t feel like I can escape any of it.

Courage Lord. Give me the courage I need to bear the struggles that rise up against me and to meet the lies of Satan that seeks to rob me of the peace and the love, the grace and the mercy that You have intended for me. Look down on me in those dark places and move Your Spirit to surround me in the promises that You have made for me. Let it strengthen my resolve and give me the perseverance to withstand the hurt and the despair of this world even as it seeks to knock me down and keep me down.

Show me Your love, let it be the steadfast declaration of hope that springs eternally from my soul. Let it remind me in my darkest hours that You are there for me, contending for my cause as You let Your grace fill my spirit and give purpose to my soul. I trust in You Lord, fail me not, forsake me not as I give myself over to You in the boundless mercy of Your limitless love.

In the name of Your Son, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Amen.

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