Prayer: Give me hope Heavenly Father

Heavenly Father, I am but kneeling before Your throne, yet I am Your child in need of hope. So often in my life I just want to go it alone, believing that I have the strength that I need, to meet whatever may come my way. Yet, as I look at the challenges that I face, I look at the struggles that are in front of me, and I realize just how weak I am. I am just so ill-equipped to stand on my own, and the weariness of my trials have me ready to fall.

I need You Father, because I cannot do it by myself. I need You father because without you I am helpless and lost in a world that I so often just don’t seem to understand. I stray far from Your path and I find myself in the wilderness so near to new threats that would heap burden upon burden, crushing my spirit and breaking my heart.

Take me and lead me Heaven Father. Like a child, teach me while I am at Your feet, that I may be prepared to meet whatever the world may bring. Fill me with Your grace, mercy and peace, that I may be filled with your light and Your love as I journey through this world. Let it strengthen me and preserve against any and all adversity that comes my way. I put my trust in You, fail me not, forsake me not, for only by Your hand and Your help will I have the courage to face all of my tomorrows.

You are my hope Heavenly Father, in You I will put my trust. Fill me now with Your Holy Spirit as I am led down Your path in Your light, everlastingly and ever lovingly given to Your children.

In the name of Your Son, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Amen.

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