Prayer: Create in Me a Patient, Enduring Spirit Lord

Gracious God, how often do I rush when I need to be still? It isn’t so bad that I want as much as I want right now. I can’t seem to wait as I find that patience is a far distant, far removed concept from my life. I know that, more than anything, I should take my time and let You work through me according to Your plan and Your design. Yet I don’t seem to ever really stop and let You work as I know I should. I don’t let you move me in the direction I need to go because it’s too slow for me or it’s not according to my timing. I just can’t seem to let go of that.

Create in me a steadfast and patient heart God. Despite my own will and desires, despite my own longings and wants, I put it in Your hands to take me and to strengthen me. Temper me then in the fires of Your love, grace and peace. Let Your Spirit move through me, let It weave through me to quiet the stirring of my soul. Instead of demanding from You according to my desires, my wants, my plans, I need to work with You that You may guide me. I need to let go and let You lead me to where I need to go. It is only in this way that I will be where I need to be, who I need to be. Create then in me a true heart of cooperation that puts aside my temporal resistance for Your Triumphant victory that all Your plans then will be fulfilled through me..

Still my spirit and silence my heart, steady me in Your Word as I find my strength and my hope in Your love for me. Then shall my worries be far from me as I rest in the peace of Your abiding and everlasting grace and mercy.

In the name of Your Son, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who patiently endured the world and the cross for me according to Your love, Amen.

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