Prayer: Take the yoke from me O Lord

How often do I give myself over to worry Lord? How often do I find that that anxiety overtakes me? My burdens weigh on me, they push down on me, crushing my spirit and filling my heart with doubt. I try to put the stress, the burden, the struggle, all of it, in the proper place as I tell myself it has no power over me. The words seem hollow, and so often drowned out as I agonize over every little thing, somehow unable to let any of it go as even the smallest thing suddenly becomes so much larger than it actually is.

Lift from shoulders these burdens O Lord, take from me this yoke even as I plough the fields of my soul with the worries, apprehensions, doubts, and fears that sprout and grow within me like a weed seeking to choke off the hope You have intended for me. Look upon the anxiety that moves through me as it surrounds me like a veil intended to hide You from my sight and cut through it with the grace and the mercy that heals the troubled and disquieted soul.

Remind me, O Lord, that nothing is added to my life through my worries, that those worries, they just subtract from it as they take from me the peace and the love that You have intended for me. Show me, that I have nothing to fear, for You are there forever to watch over me, to guide me, to lead me, regardless of what the world may cast before me. Let me take all of it up and cast it then before You O Lord, knowing that as I do Your Spirit will come upon me and give me the freedom I so long for in the beauty of Your hope for me,

In the name of Your Son, Christ Jesus, who worried not even as the judgment and the wrath of the world was cast upon him, I pray, Amen.

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