Prayer: Mold me, in love, to help others Lord

I seek to be more like You, O Lord, steadfast in my devotion and love, uplifting others in strength and understanding, opening my heart to them in their hour of need. There is little else I want in this life except to be the person that You use to bring hope to those who are struggling in their hour of deepest need. I want to be used to help my friends in need, to offer of myself to my brothers and sisters in Christ, that I can, in Your mercy, show them the grace you have in store for them.

Take me then Lord and mold me. Let Your hands and Your heart go to work on me, forming in me a pure heart and a right spirit that I may be all that I need to be for them. Magnify and multiple Your compassion and love within me that it may shine like a light through the darkness for those drifting blindly in their hurt and despair. Cast Your Spirit upon me that I may bear the fruits of it to sustain and nourish those around me who languish in their hunger for hope, mercy and strength.

Not by my hand but by Yours, not for my glory but for Yours, do I pray these things O Lord. Cleanse me and purify me for the work that must be done, and for the understanding, patience and compassion I need to show in Your name. Grant then unto all that I need that I may be a force for You in the lives of those who need to see You the most. Show me the path to Your strength and Your courage as You use me as You will to give of myself, edifying and uplifting those in their hour of deepest need.

Then shall I help others praise Your Holy Name for the goodness and the mercy You have shown in Your boundless, limitless grace.

In the name of Your Son, my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, whom I, in His love and mercy, seek to imitate in all aspects of my life, Amen.

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