Prayer: I lay my burdens and anxiety at Your feet Father.

Heavenly Father, I feel so anxious. I feel it all swelling within me as my fears come upon me and my worries seem to ever grow. My spirit agonizes as I feel the tension weaving itself through me, suddenly what I knew for certain grows into uncertainty as my heart is so heavy with the doubt that I can’t seem to chase away. It is like a storm rages within me and I am trapped by the fierceness of it as it drowns me in sorrow and fills me with dread for another day.

As your child I come to You, Father, and I cast my dread and my panic, my anxiety and my fears before your feet. Take from me all worry and doubt, reach within me and tear it out, filling me instead with Your Spirit, that Spirit of love, hope, mercy and peace. Grant unto me the solace and the comfort that comes through knowing that You have a divine plan, sacred and holy for my life. Calm me that I may breathe and breathe easy in the blessed assurances of Your promises for me.

I will put my trust in You, Heavenly Father. Let the grace of Christ come upon me, reminding me, as He taught, that my worries and my anxiety cannot add even a moment unto my life and that as You care for the birds of the air and the fish of the sea, so You show Your boundless love and mercy for me. I put my faith in You, quiet my spirit and make light my heart that I may come to rest in You, knowing nothing but wondrous compassion that You have for me.

In the name of Christ Jesus, who comes to take the yoke from the heavy laden and rest to the weary, Amen.

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