Prayer: Take me and lift me, guide me O Triune God

Take me and lift me O Lord above the struggles that I face, above the challenges that now rest before me. In Your mercy and Your hope let them no longer hinder my view as they seek to cause me to fall by obstructing my view of the stumbling blocks that lay before me.

Take me and lift me O Holy Spirit, taking from me the pride and the doubt that weigh me down. I know that it prevents me from seeing the magnitude of God’s will and desires for me, from understanding His design and His plan. Let me thus trust more and have faith, leaving behind me anything that would prevent me from seeing as He would have me see.

Take and lift me O Christ in the boundless, limitless mercy of Your love. Raise me above that I may be raised above the clouds of despair, no longer surrounded by them. Let that view give me then the knowledge and wisdom that I need to live in the God’s wondrous and glorious plan for me and my life, granted sight by Your divine and holy love for me.

Take me and guide me Triune God, Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Weave together in the wondrous, glorious power of Your true nature to lead me where I need to go and be who I need to be. In hope and faith, according to the promises You have made to me through Your Word, I seek now Your wise counsel. Be no far from me, be not removed from my life. Show me Your ways, show me Your wisdom that I may come to dwell in Your peace, a peace that transcends all human knowledge and understanding.

In our Saviors name, Amen.

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