Prayer: Create in Us a Heart for Truth, Equality and Justice O Lord

Blessed Creator, Heavenly Father, formed by Your hand, born of Your love, in Your eyes we are one. Judging us by our hearts, You look into the depth of our souls as You bind us together, blessing us in Your hope as You guide us with Your Spirit. Grant us then that we may see the world and one another as you do.

Remind us, O Lord, that in You there is no hatred or malice. Show us, O God, that You look upon none with loathing or spite. Your ways are not cruel as You cast out wickedness and evil, bringing justice and equality through the wisdom of Your grace. Let this abiding truth live within each of us as we draw nearer to one another in a spirit of unity and solidarity.

Create in us a love for truth and justice, and preserve in us a will to uplift and edify our brothers and sisters in Your righteousness. Open our eyes to suffering and sorrow, to trials and tribulations that we may seek always to offer of ourselves that Your light may shine through us to cast off the dark shadows that loom over the weak and the disenfranchised, the poor and the wounded.

Let not injustice and inequality live in us and amongst us O Lord. Let us be instruments of freedom for the oppressed and liberty for the persecuted. Open our eyes to the world around us that we may look upon what needs to be done, the works of Your fields, that we may set to the task in front of us, shining Your light and Your live as we give freely and rightly of ourselves with a heart made glad in You and a soul that is forever reminded that, through You, we can act in courage and strength to enlighten a dark world and free a captive people.

In the name of Your Son Christ Jesus, the great Liberator, who, in His life and death and sacrifice, made us all equal heirs to Your love, Amen.

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