Prayer: Take my grief and comfort me O Lord.

Filled with grief and sorrow my heart is heavy even as my spirit feels empty O Lord. I know that, in Your love and mercy, in the blessed grace and hope of Christ, there is no loss as You call your children to place where pain and struggle, where sorrow and hurt are no more. Yet, even in that wondrous assurance, that incredible promise that comes through the blood of the Lamb, I feel the void in my life as I long for even a moment longer. I know that there is a selfishness in it as they find their rest in their Heavenly Home, a rest that this world could never provide. Yet, I cannot help it as my life feels the poorer for the richness that they have brought to Heaven.

Comfort me in my loss, O Lord, and empty my heart of grief and sorrow, filling it with the blessed assurances of Your love. Take my spirit and pour forth Your mercy and your peace in it, that, through this all I am reminded that though I mourn, through that mourning comes a wondrous dawn as You shine Your light into my life, reminding me that is no death, there is no grave, it is conquered in You’re the sacrifices of Your Son, my Savior. In that there is the truth that they whom I love and are called home are never far from me even as they live stronger and bolder through You in the miracles of eternity that are ever promised to Your children.

As You do, O Lord, then shall my grief be set to flight and my sorrow shall be washed from me, as I rest in the hope of Your Words of comfort and the warmth of Your Spirit.

In he name of Your Son, the Savior of all life, Christ Jesus, Amen.

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