Prayer: When I feel most alone be there for me O Lord


I feel so alone, so lost and abandoned as despair wraps around me, gripping me so tightly as it takes hold of me. What am I to do O Lord when You seem so far distant, so far removed from my life? What am I to do, when it feels like I have been deserted to the lost and empty places deep within my soul? I admit, I struggle, Lord, as it all seems like it is too much for me to bear on my own as I wonder where You are in all of it. I just feel so unsure of myself as I try to move forward not sure where I can go, not sure of where to look for peace.

Be there for me, Lord, when it feels like I have nothing else, when it seems like I have nobody else in my life. Draw me close and hold me near to You as I, in my loneliness and my fear, in my hurt and my struggle, need You. I need to feel Your love as You take me into Your arms and remind me that, in Your grace, mercy and peace, it will be alright, that these things, with time, will pass, as long as I have patience and trust in you.

Show me Lord that loneliness is but a state of mind. Let me see that it is but a feeling that has no hold nor power over me. Cast Your Spirit upon me to remind me I have You in my life to bring me hope and comfort even when it feels like I am at my lowest and no one understands the pain or the hurt that has taken hold of me. Strength and preserve me, be my defender and protector, but most of all be my friend whom I can confide all things in, showing me the truth and the love of Your hand in my life as Your hope guides me and fills me with the power of Your love.

In the name of Your Son, my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Amen.


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