Prayer: Be Now My Good Shepherd Lord

shepBe now my Shepherd, O Lord, and find me. I am the one sheep of the 99 who has been lost in this world, feeling so far from my home, so far from the peace of Your pastures of love. I can feel the eyes of wickedness on me as the old adversary hunts me. He sends despair and pain, sorrow and loneliness like wolves to devour me. I am their prey and I can find no safe refuge from them as they stalk me in the darkness that surrounds me. In desperation I run, but where, O Lord, can I hide when they are ever near?

Seek me now Good Shepherd with Your rod and Your staff in hand. Find me when I have nowhere to hide, the hurt and the pain, the struggles and the adversity laying waste to my spirit and my soul. Hold back the wolves, and keep them far from me Lord, lifting me as You take me into Your loving arms and carry me back to the green fields of Your love, hope, mercy and grace. Set me with the others of Your flock that I may never be alone, finding strength and encouragement in their understanding, and support as I look and realize that, my struggles and my sorrows, are not my own. They belong to many as we look to You in trust to protect us from them.

Be now the Shepherd of my salvation, O Lord, be now my ever present, ever faithful protector and I shall stay near to You all of the days of my life.

In Your name do I raise these prayers up, as my voice lifts to You. Through Christ Jesus, Amen.

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