Prayer: Be my strength and my courage as I face my bullies Lord.


Hear me when I cry out to You Lord, for I am in need of Your understanding as my own fails me. There are those who hate me and I don’t know why. I have done nothing to them, yet they look on me with scorn and disgust. They make it so that I find it hard to wake up and face each day knowing they are waiting for me, that they are there to try and hurt me, to wound my body and my mind, to break my spirit and my heart. There are times when, knowing what is going to happen, knowing what I am going to face, I just want to give up and let myself go, knowing it has to be better than the pain that this causes me, unsure of what it is I can even do to stop it.

Look upon my face, and see the anguish in my eyes Lord, for I need You to see me, I need You to hear me. Do not turn Your face from me now in my deepest need and struggle. Be my strength and my courage to face another day. Give me the power that I need to stand up to those who hurt me as they do, not with the violence and the mockery, the ridicule and aggression that they show to me, but by showing me how and to who I can reach out to that I can put an end to it. Send to me those who can help stop this, those who can help me heal as You give me refuge in the love and the hope of a peace that, at present, seems so far distant and far removed from my life.

Be now my help, be now my hope Lord, as I put my trust in You. Show me the way from this present pain and suffering, this present sorrow and misery as You take my hand and guide me in the grace, mercy and peace that can only be known through You.

In the name of Your Son Jesus Christ, who endured the wrath and the agony of those who heaped scorn and hatred upon him, who sought to bully him for no other reason than who he was, Amen.

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