Prayer: Give me the courage to walk away Lord


I am hurt Lord, I am wounded and in pain. I look to the promises made and the agony inflicted on me and I wonder how those who can claim to love you so much can do so much to harm you as the sorrow surrounds me. It leaves me so lost and confused as I look for a purpose in all of this and find none. I want to believe it can get better, that it can be made right, that I can fix this. I want to believe that I can be better, that if I just do more, if I just give more of myself then it be alright.

Give me the strength, O Lord, give me the courage to realize that this is not my fault, nor can I fix it by willing it away or by changing myself. Though it is hard, though it is perhaps one of the most difficult thing I may ever do, let me walk away. Break the chains that bind me from this captivity of the heart and the mind, and let me go free, that I may find hope, peace, and safety. Show me the way, O Lord, because I cannot see it by myself and I need You, I need Your hope and Your help, Your grace and Your mercy that I will know that, as I step into the unknown, as I step away from this pain that I have known, it will be okay, that I will be okay.

I will put my trust in You, O Lord, be now my hope and my refuge. Show me the love that I need, the love that You have for me, as You preserve me everlasting and evermore.

In the name of Your Son, my Lord, my Savior, Christ Jesus, who walks with me, day by day, as my redemption, Amen.

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