Prayer: I will trust You in all the unknowns Lord


Why, God, do I struggle? Why are my troubles so near to me? I try, as I may, to move forward, to move on. I want but to leave these challenges behind me. Yet, even as I do, I find that the strength that I need is far distant from me as I’m left tired, weary amidst the trials of this world as it feels like challenge after challenge is heaped upon me.

Look to my heart Lord, and see that it is given to You. Be not distant from me in my time of need, be not removed from my life when I need You the most. Show me that, as You have promised, Your grace is sufficient for me, even in those times when I do not understand and I look, searching for the answers that seem so far removed from my life. I need not know all of the purpose or the meaning of the struggles that I face at this moment, but I do need You, my God, my Heavenly Father, to give me Your strength and courage that I may face the days of troubles boldly.

I place it all in Your hands, the struggles, the challenges, the unknown, the unfamiliar, as they all bear down on me. Guide me down the path that I need to go according to Your divine plan for me, O Lord. Bind me in the peace of Your Spirit and restore me, day by day, rejuvenating my heart and renewing my soul that I may be bold in Your hope for me regardless of the trials the tribulations that I face.

In the name of Your Son Christ Jesus, who struggled with every suffering and sorrow of this world even unto that glorious triumph over the grave, Amen.

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