Prayer: Be now my refuge and my salvation O Lord.

dawn-1491518The darkest thoughts surround me O Lord. They weave themselves through my soul, as they enwrap themselves around my spirit. Slowly do they close their grip around me as the joy and the beauty is strangled from my life. I find no happiness nor delight as sorrow comes upon me so easily and I am left with nothing more than to cry out in my pain and my anguish.

Why, O Lord, must my soul be so downcast? Why, O God, must I carry the burden of this distress as it slowly crushes me?

Look upon me, and turn not Your eyes from me Lord. Be now my refuge and my salvation, ripping the veil from my eyes that I may clearly see the light of Your hope and Your love for me. All that I am calls out to Your grace and mercy in this, my hour of need. Let Your face cut through the darkness and shine its wondrous, beauteous love upon me as it frees me from the chains that would shackle me to despair, depression and death.

I will place my trust in You Lord, even as I find I cannot, in the wounded pain of my sorrow and my distress, put my trust in myself. In Your Spirit take me and lead me to the place where peace does dwell that I may find rest in the solace of Your great compassion for me. Then shall I sing my praises to You in the strength and love You showed me, rather than cry out to You in the burdens this world has heaped upon me.

In the name of Your Son, my Lord and Savior, who withstood the darkness and the distress of this world for me and my salvation, I pray, Amen.

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