Prayer: Tend To Me O Lord that I May Be Kept Safe

The_Lord_is_my_Good_ShepherdO blessed Lord, who tends to His flock, guiding and protecting them with His rod and His staff, look upon me as one of Your own in such desperate need of Your love and direction. All around me are dangers that seek to ensnare me as the old Adversary lurks in the shadows like a wild predator lying in wait to devour me. Through my struggles and my challenges he hunts me, through my hurt and my pain he wounds me as I cry out Your Holy Name to find me and to deliver me by Your Hand and lead me once more to Your safe pastures.

Look upon my face as You hear my pleas O Lord and, through the Good Shepherd, restore me in Your love, mercy and grace. I place my trust and my hope in You as my deliverance in every trial and tribulation that lies before me. Be not distant from me, hide not Your face that I may not see it. Lift Your hand to protect me, as You, in strength and wonder, set the works of the Devil to flight, showing that You never will abandon any of Your flocks to him or his ways. Lift me O Lord, and carry me once more to Your green fields that I may find rest and peace, that I may be healed of the pain I have known and the trials I have faced, from the traps that sought to overtake and the weapons that the Foe has used.

Then shall I find solace in Your blessed refuge as my spirit is healed and my soul is made strong in Your love.

In the name of Your Son, my Lord and my Savior, Jesus Christ, Amen.

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