Prayer: Take from me my fears O Lord

O Lord, my God, I look around me at a world filled with darkness and troubles and it fills my sprit with fear and trepidation as my heart grows heavy, unsure of itself in the challenges that it holds. Worry fills my soul as it seems like it is too much for me to bear, unsure if I can handle the struggles that lie before me as my apprehension overtakes me with doubt and anxiety for what the days will bring to me.

How, O God, can I do the work that You have laid before me when my spirit is so disquieted and my heart is cloaked with such anxiety? How can I move according to Your will when I am so robbed of peace that I find it difficult to go on?

At Your feet I will place my worry, my fear, my doubt, my every care and sorrow, as I look upon You as my refuge in all the worlds storms. Be now my ever present help O Lord, be now the strength of my heart and my so, O God. Take my heart, heavy and weary, into Your hands and mend it, healing it in the broken places where my unease and my concerns do dwell, setting to flight all that might keep me from doing Your will, and from using Your gifts daily in my walk with You. In You is the courage to do better, to do more. Let it fill me so completely that there is no room anything else but Your love, hope and mercy as You preserve me everlasting in Your Spirit.

In the name of Your Son who makes the broken whole, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Amen.

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