Prayer: Guide Me By Your Light O Lord

O Lord, my God, who has crafted the stars in the heavens as the light that has guided many through the darkness, look upon the dark night that now so encompasses me, wrapping itself around me. It troubles my spirit and dampens my soul, leaving me in the despair as I seek hope, as I struggle for purpose and find that the burdens leave me tired and weak. Fear and despair weave themselves through me as their coldness engulfs my heart as I cry out for mercy and hope in a pain so real to me that it overwhelms me, binding me to my sorrows.

I would flee from these troubles, seeking refuge for my weary soul, yet I cannot see the path from these dark and murky places.

Open then the heavens O Lord and reveal Your path to me. Light the skies with Your star O my God and let it guide me in Your wisdom, hope and love as it shows me the way to my blessed Savior. I seek the mercy that can only come by Your hand as You make Your plan and Your purpose known to me. Revel it now to me. As I trust in You be now my deliverer, opening my eyes and strengthening my heart that I may see Your road and have the courage to travel it, knowing that, regardless of my troubles, and my hardships, through You comes peace, love and understanding, boundless in the miracles of Your hand.

In the name of Your Son, the bright and shining star that guides my way, Christ Jesus, Amen.

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