Prayer: See my Sorrow and Struggles O Lord

O Lord, my God, look upon my heart, see it heavy with my sorrow and my struggles, surrounded by the dark mist of pain and hurt. Why am I so downcast? Why does hardship find itself so near to me? Though I want nothing more than to rejoice in gladness for the gifts of Your grace that surround me, knowing the miracles that are all around me. Yet here I stand, struggling to find the peace that I need, the comfort that I long for, as Your Spirit seems so far distant from me.

O Lord, my God, look upon my face, find me in the darkness, wandering and drifting so lost and alone. Shine Your light upon me and guide my way according to Your infinite love and mercy. Though I may not, at present see it, let Your path be revealed to me step by step my journey is given purpose and meaning through the wondrous, glorious working of Your hand. Lift me when I stumble, and give me strength when I am weary, heal me when I am wounded and warm me when my soul grows cold that I may understand that though these sorrows and struggles may be near to me now, they won’t always as You disperse their dark cloud and give them no power over me.

Then, O Lord, shall I know that my hope shall be given purpose in Your mercy as Your love encompasses me.

In the name of Your Son, my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Amen.

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