Prayer: Restore Me in a New Day O Lord

O Lord my God, what am I to do when the burdens seem to great as the struggles of my life weigh down on my soul? Though I look to a new day dawning as a new start given to me in Your great love for me, I cannot help but be drawn back to old troubles that yoke my spirit and afflicts my heart. They continually afflict me, distressing me even as I try to let them go, wanting nothing more than to let them slip from me never to be seen or to be felt again.

Look upon these burdens, O Lord. Let Your eyes fix upon them as Your ears hear my cries, my pain, my sorrow. Be not distant from me now as I take them to Your holy place and lay them at Your blessed feet. I will trust in Your promises and in Your mercy to renew a spirit of hope, and strength within me. I will be confident in the healing power of Your boundless and endless love for me knowing that, in You, the expectations of my faith are beautifully and wondrously fulfilled in the assurances You have given me. Replenish my soul, and bless my life as I wake to a new dawn, moving forward and leaving that which belongs in the past in the past. Guide me as You restore me in grace to the fullness of life.

In the name of Your Son, my blessed Redeemer, Christ Jesus, Amen.

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