Prayer: Give Me Strength in a New Day

Lord God, before Your throne I kneel in search of mercy, hope and grace. Though today is a new day, old struggles are still so close to me. Though I seek to leave them behind, unburdening my soul of them that I may look upon the world with fresh eyes, they are like an anchor bearing down, keeping me from moving on, from moving forward. They are a darkness that wrap around me, causing me to stumble and fall as, in my pain, I cry out to You.

I take these struggles to You, O Lord, my triumph and my victory. I cast them before Your feet, that You may take them, that You may lift them from me, renewing my strength and restoring to me hope in a new dawn. Mend the broken places within me, healing my wounds that the old may pass away from me and I can look upon the daybreak with fresh eyes and clean spirit filled with anticipation for that which it holds. I put it in Your hands O Lord, that, by Your Spirit, I will be shown the way from the struggles and the hardship that wrap themselves around me. I entrust You with the burdens that weigh down on me, robbing me of my peace and my comfort. Take them, that through their darkness I may see Your light shining with a new day waiting for me.

In the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ, from whom all healing flows, Amen.

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