Prayer: For a New Chapter, A New Creation

Lord of Creation, from whom all life and goodness flows, look upon me, Your child, in the hope and the wonder of Your blessed mercy and grace. Today dawns a new day, one where I am ready to put behind me the former things, that which has caused me hurt and pain and sorrow. Though they have woven themselves through my soul, and have caused my spirit to be downcast and weak in the struggles that they have caused, I am ready to let go, and let it flow from me. I am ready for you to unravel that tapestry and cloak me in Your blessed Spirit, from whom all peace and comfort comes.

Take me and create a new beginning in a new chapter in my life O Lord. Faithfully guide me down Your path of righteousness that I may find healing in the wounded and broken places within myself. Reveal unto me the blessed hope that uplifts and edifies, that renews the weary and strengthens the weak. Into Your hands do I commend myself, body, mind, spirit, heart and soul. Let it be Your new creation, bound forever as the old passes away, no longer holding any power or sway, no longer casting its dark clouds over me. Grant this unto me, Your child, that I may know nothing but the salvation and the redemption that is brought in Your loving mercy.

In the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ, who comes to give hope to the lost, Amen.

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