Prayer: Humble Me and Teach Me Patience O Lord

Patience, O Lord, that is what I long for, that is what I so desire. I seek to be at peace with the world around me, to see the rush, to see how it hurries, how others bend it to their will and to know that, according to Your perfect timing, all will be as it should, as it must. Be my constant reminder that I must, to find control, give control over to Your hands according to Your will.

Bind me to Your designs and humble me in who I am that I may be as You desire me to be O Lord. My faith is in Your plan, my hope rests in Your strength. Show me Your ways, reveal unto me Your lessons in love that I may be guided by the wonders that You have in store for me. Teach me to let go of that which I have no power over and to hold steadfast in the challenges that this world has to offer. Only then will I truly know the richest blessings of Your comfort and Your solace as Your Spirit draws me nearer to You.

In the name if Your Son, my Redeemer, Christ Jesus, Amen.

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