Prayer: In Righteousness Strengthen Me O Lord

By Your grace do I find redemption eternal, salvation is near to me as Your righteousness takes hold of me O Lord. Your strength guides me as Your hope preserved me in faith as gives freely to me the comfort my soul so desires, the peace my spirit so longs for as You draw me nearer to You. Never do I want when I rest in Your presence, never do I need when Your love takes a hold of me.

Why then, O Lord, should this world have any hold over me? Why then should it trouble me with difficulties and challenges when I put the full measure of my trust in You? I look to Your help, I look to Your healing, let it not be far off from me, mending me in the lost and broken places, shaping my days according to the miracle of Your divine plan and design for me. Answer me in my plights and strengthen me in Your courage, preserving me to run the race, meeting all that this world may use to try and make me stumble uplifted in Your mercy. Free me, O Lord, that I may know only the wonders of Your love as Your hope overtakes me, raising me to the wonders that only You hold.

Through Christ Jesus, He who reconciles me to Your righteousness, do I raise my prayers to Your ears, Amen.

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