Prayer: My God, The Blessed Trinity

My help comes in the name of The Lord. Those who put their trust in You will never be confounded.

My healing comes in the name of The Christ. Those who place their hope in You will never find it misplaced.

My comfort comes in the name of The Spirit. Those who rest in You will know what peace truly is.

Take me Holy God, blessed Trinity, and lead me according to Your design. Create in me a strong heart and a willing spirit that I may have the courage to meet this worlds difficulties and challenges with the knowledge that I am preserved according to Your love as You uplift me and edify me.

Show me the way Blessed Lord, Three-in-One, for You have the power to make me more than I am as You renew my spirit and mend my soul. Let nothing ensnare me, or cause me to stumble, let me walk with courage and run with perseverance that my daily life may be a testimony to Your glory as You make me as You intend me to be.

Magnify Your love within me Threefold Triune Lord and I shall sing Your praises all the days of my life.

In the name of the One God, Father, Son and Holy Ghost, Amen.

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