Devotion: The Worry, The Doubt, Not The Challenges


Doubt, worry and fear, it comes when we measure our struggles against ourselves and come up lacking, when we realize that, on our own, by ourselves, we just don’t seem to have the capacity to do or to be what we need to be. Yet, the truest way to glory, the truest way to find our strength isn’t to glorify ourselves, or to rely on ourselves. It comes when we humble ourselves before the Lord, learning from His way, from His Words and His promises, (Psalm 119:71) as we realize growth isn’t a solitary, lonely journey, it is one that we take hand in hand, step by step with our Heavenly Father day after day. When we realize that we not only put it in His hands to deliver us, but we see the path that He gives us towards our deliverance.

Walk therefore with confidence, let nothing touch you, let nothing have power over you except for the power of the Lord. Yes, there will be times when the struggles that you face and the difficulties that come before you seem too great, when the load just feels like it is too much for you to carry. You need not worry, or doubt because the Lord, your God, cares for you and gives freely to you in the hope of His love for you. He will be there for you when you stumble, and He will pick you up when you fall, He will light your path when the road becomes dark and will cut through the haze when your direction seems foggy. Yes, the challenges may be a hardship, they may be a struggle, they may seem like they are so overwhelming that you don’t know how you will make it through them, but then growth doesn’t come when everything is easy and we don’t become more when we aren’t pushed to move forward, to overcome something that is difficult but every mountain has a peak, and that peak allows us to look out, not from under our struggles, but from over the world into the distance to see what the future has for us.

Remember your blessed Savior, who was made flesh to walk this world in all the difficulties and the challenges that it has. He walked with strength and confidence despite the knowledge of everything He would have to face for our sakes, to be everything we needed Him to be for the sake of our redemption and our salvation. He did not worry, nor did He doubt, He looked to each day as a new day to grow and to be strengthened in the Lord our God that it might be counted to righteousness, and that He would flourish in the Holy Spirit. Look to Him, follow Him and know that, through Him you are reconciled to God that, like Him, you need not worry or doubt because, in righteousness, God will, even to the end, look upon you with love as His child, strengthening and preserving you so that you can and will become the person that He has intended for you to be in the hope of His divine will and design for your life.

Lord, grant this unto us all

Now may the peace of the Lord, that peace that transcends all human understanding, knowledge and wisdom, keep your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus even unto life everlasting, Amen.

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