Prayer: Bound to Your Will, I Trust You Lord

Bound to Your will my strength comes from You and from Your plan for my life. My hope rests in the magnitude of Your love magnified in the gift of each new day as it is exemplified in the wonders of Your divine grace, holy and unchanging. Preserved in Your righteousness You carry me through to the blessings of Your encompassing, washing grace.

Bound to Your will I am encouraged daily to meet the challenges I face with courage, to run the race with a renewed vigor and hope for life. You are the beauty of my salvation, and the force of my redemption breaking my bondage to all darkness and despair. I place my trust in You to help me and to heal me, to chase away my fear and my doubt.

Bound to Your will I worry not for You have taken me in You hands, drawing me closer to You. My peace and my comfort are in Your touch as the power of Your Spirit washes over me, truly, in You, O Lord, is life, as You ensure that nothing ensnared me, as You ensure nothing robs me of the good gifts You have given me. Lift me above all that my trouble me and Your praises will pour forth from my lips forever.

In the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ, who reconciles me to You, binding me to Your grace, mercy and peace, Amen.

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