Prayer: My Trust is in You Lord

I turn my heart to You in faith and in trust, putting my confidence in Your Word and Your promises O Lord. You have given to me the assurances of Your help and Your healing even in the hardest of days and the deepest of struggles. This is where I draw my strength to meet the challenges of this life and this world head on knowing that You have freely given on to me all that I need to find my way.

My spirit and my soul are in Your hands as I trust in You to protect me in Your steadfast love. Have mercy upon me and let Your face shine on me in the wondrous miracle of Your grace. Lift me above the dark clouds of despair and chase the fog of confusion from me that nothing can obscure my view of Your salvation as Your redemption weaves over me, creating a wondrous comfort that binds me to You, so freely warming the cold places inside of me, finding the lost places I so struggle with. Truly does Your goodness and mercy follow me, for, in Your reconciliation, I am Your child and You are my God.

In the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ, who made manifest Your sacred trust, freeing me from all fear and doubt, Amen.

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