Prayer: I Humble Myself To You Lord

Bestowed with grace I am bound to Your will, to Your divine nature O Lord. You have freely given according to Your great love and Your wondrous mercy. Truly hope follows You as You heal the broken hearted and mend the wounded spirit, truly strength comes to those who dwell in Your righteousness. You, O God, are the source of peace in a troubled world, and solace in times of struggle and hardship.

You alone bring life, You alone bring light. When the challenges are upon me and my worries seem to overtake me, encompassing me in the stress and the pain that they can bring You are there beside me, holding me and drawing me nearer to You that I may find comfort in the trials and tribulations that can come. I stand in Your Word for it is the power of my salvation, taking me as I am and transforming me into who I need to be that I may find the ability to grow in all that You have intended for me. Through You I find a preciousness in life that sets me free, guiding me to everlasting life.

In the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ, who made manifest Your glory, revealing Your grace, mercy and peace unto a lost and fallen race, Amen.

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