Prayer: Guide Me Through the Storms O Lord

Anchored in Your love I take safe harbor in the refuge of Your mercy Lord. You are the beacon that lights my way, showing me the path through the stormy waters to the shores of Your hope. You calm the seas of struggle that my life may find peace in the comfort that You offer. Truly I am blessed in the wondrous miracle of Your grace as You protect me and uphold me, ensuring though challenges and troubles may find me they will have no power over me.

I turn it all over to You O Lord. Take the helm of my life, steer it in the direction You would take it in. I trust only in You to lead me, to guide me through all the days of my life, whether they are filled with trial or triumph, pain or peace. Steadfast and faithful Your promises are what I need knowing that Your hope will heal me from all hurt and sorrow, granting me reprieve from all darkness and despair. Be now then my ship and my sails, the wind that moved me and the ever present force that takes me away, for I put it all in Your hands, now and forever.

In the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ, the shining light revealing Your grace, mercy and peace unto a lost and fallen race, Amen.

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