Prayer: I Kneel Before Your Throne Lord

With strength of purpose I kneel before Your throne O Lord, with the faith of my convictions I bow before Your grace. I trust in You and the wonders of Your love, the mercy You have shown me and the miracles of the promises You have handed down to me. Truly hope and goodness follow me through my days for You raise Your staff to protect me, giving freely unto me in the Word of healing You have preserved for me throughout the generations.

I am bound to You, O Lord, for redemption and salvation. When the darkness descends upon me and all I know is despair, when the pain pushes down on me with a crushing weight and I wonder how I can go on You are there beside me, You are there to ensure I have the power to do more and be more, to be more than a conquerer. My triumph rests in You as You lift me above my troubles and my hardship, healing me as You show me that my help is forever in Your hands. I kneel before Your throne for in You is the power and the glory as miracles encompass my life day by day.

In the name of Your Son, my savior, who makes manifest Your will, Your hope, Your healing, Amen.

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