Prayer: You Are My Blessing O Lord

You, O Lord, are my strength and my courage. When the nights are long and the darkness is upon me You are the beacon that lights my way, picking me up as I stumble and carrying me when I am weak. Through You I am bound to hope even as the miracle of Your love sets me free, edifying me in the wonders of Your grace, given so freely to me as redemption encompasses the entirety of my existence.

As You are revealed unto me O Lord so I rejoice for worry is set to flight and fear and doubt have no power over me. Truly righteousness and mercy follow me for all my days as You heal my wounds and mend those places lost and broken within me. Like never before I know peace and comfort as it pours forth from Your heart and washes me clean in Your love. Empowered by You I am given my victory in Jesus, the glorious triumph of the spirit and the soul, a triumph that can only come through Your love for Your children. Truly You are my immeasurable blessing.

In Your name and the name of Your Son, my Savior, who has, in Your grace and mercy, made me more than a conqueror, Amen.

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