Prayer: I Praise You For Your Hope O Lord

I praise You for You are my help and my salvation. You raise me when I have fallen, strengthening me when I am weak as Your love encompasses me, washing over me to drown my pain and my sorrow. In Your grace do I find my hope, my freedom as You break the chains that bind me, healing me from my darkness and despair.

I praise You for Your great wonders, for the miracles that You work in my life, rising in power and glory as You reveal Yourself to me. When I am without You give freely, when I don’t know You answer me with Your Word and Your promises. Though this world may come with its challenges and it’s difficulties I need not worry, for you walk beside me, granting me peace when all I think I will know is turmoil and my road seems like it is more than I can bear. Grace and mercy follow me all of my days for You protect me, guiding me through my fear and my doubts to better days.

In the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ, who made manifest Your glory, revealing Your grace, mercy and peace unto a lost and fallen race, Amen.

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