Prayer: You Build Me In Your Love Lord

My faith, my hope, it rests in You God, for You are my strength, the power of my redemption. As You reveal Yourself to me I grow in grace, understanding more of the mysteries of Your grand design for my life, knowing that, in Your time, Your way You withhold nothing from me. You lead me, guiding me that I may find the reason even when it seems so far away, so far removed from me.

It all rests in Your hands as salvation and healing pours from Your heart in love. Take me therefore and create in me the peace that I so seek, the solace I so desire as I trust You to be my stronghold and my defense, knowing that You are ever vigilant to my cause. Bind me to Your will as You set me free, liberating me from all darkness and despair to ensure that it has now power or hold over me. By You, in You I know I will never be overwhelmed, for You uplift me, drawing me nearer to You as You hold me in Your grace and mercy.

In the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ, who made manifest Your glory, reconciling me to Your love, upholding me in Your faith and hope, Amen.

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