Prayer: Take Me, Lord, and Be My Lord

Take me, Lord, and be my strength, uplifting me in Your grace, in Your mercy. Stand with me Lord and be my triumph, showing me the path to my hope, to my victory. Take me, Lord, and grant unto me the peace I so long for, being my stronghold and my defense in every challenge and struggle.

I wait on You to guide me, revealing unto me the beauty of Your plan as it washes away all worry and doubt. I seek You O God, trusting in Your promises to guide me in the wonders of Your love knowing that though there be difficulties You are there to protect me. I worry not for Your hand raises to shield me from the darkness and the despair that this world can hold as You protect me through Your gift of grace, revealing to me the blessings that only You hold. Praise and glory find me for You are my God, my redemption and my righteousness, I want not, I need not for You are my light and my life, giving so freely unto me to break the chains of bondage.

In the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ, who’s grace makes me more than a conquer, revealing Your grace, mercy and peace unto a lost and fallen race, Amen.

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