Prayer: Arise and Show Me Your Way O Lord

Arise O Lord, awaken to my cause. Arise O God, reveal Your grace unto me. In faith I journey through the darkness and the night to seek You, to find You in wondrous hope and glorious redemption. I seek You in the boundless mercy and the encompassing strength that sets the heart free and the soul to flight. Be now my miracle, be now steadfast and vigilant to Your servant.

Create in me a patient spirit that I may wait on Your time, that I may know that Your hope has woven around me and that, when You are ready, when I am ready all things shall be shown to me. Renew me, washing me in the waters of Your love, that my hurt and sorrow shall be purged from me, that my stresses and my anxiety shall flow from me, leaving nothing but the mercy and the peace left by You. Lead me according to Your will, according to Your knowledge for I trust in You, putting the full measure of my devotion in Your Word and Your promises.

Show me Your ways O Lord, arise and awaken, for You are my God and I am Your child.

In the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ, who made manifest Your glory, revealing Your grace, mercy and peace unto a lost and fallen race, Amen.

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