Prayer: My Hope Rests in You O Lord

My strength, my hope, O Lord, it comes from You. Mercy flows from Your hand to my heart in the wonders of Your love as You heal the wounded and broken places deep within me. Your light guides me, cutting through the fog and the darkness to show me the brightness of life, the brightness that my life can hold.

I put my trust in You, O Lord, my faith rests in You, O God. Though the challenges seem constant and the battles feel like they take a hold of me I know that I need not worry, for You are there for me. Take me and mend me, let not my struggles and pains, let not my hurt and sorrow have any power over me. Show me the way to peace, and bind me to freedom that I may triumph over the captivity and bondage that darkness and despair tries to assert over me.

In You, O Lord, rests the glory as You fill my life with wonder. Be now my victory as I testify of the miracles You have bestowed on my life as You take me and rescue me from all fear and doubt, comforting me in my hour of need.

In the name of Your Son, my hope, my peace, my salvation, my Savior, Jesus Christ, Amen.

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