Prayer: In the Wonders of Your Love Lord

In the beauty of Your love You have revealed yourself to Your children, offering unto them grace and hope in a troubles world. In the wonders of Your miracles You have shown Yourself to Your people in power and glory, standing steadfast with them in Your promises. In You rests strength for the weary and healing for the wounded. You are their light cutting through the darkness that would ensnare them.

Remembering Your great mercy, remembering Your boundless grace I come to You in all my trouble and my despair O Lord, I come to You as a tired traveller seeking peace and solace in this world. Struggle as I may I know that, without You I am powerless, lost amidst my own pains. Take me then and heal me according to Your world. Find in me the broken and bruised places and piece me back together to make me whole again. Do not let me stumble or fall, do not let hurt define who I am. Look upon my faith and light a fire in me, let it burn within me, purging from me all doubt and fear so that all that is left is my praise for the glories of Your holy name.

In the name of Your Son, my Savior, the source of all strength and hope, do I pray these things through Christ Jesus, Amen.

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