Prayer: Answer Me In My Struggles Lord

My strength is fleeting and my heart is heavy O Lord, difficulties seem to follow me wherever I go. In desperation I reach out as I search for peace, seeking solace and comfort for my weary heart, unsure as to my path or to my direction while despair bites at my heel. Where, O Lord, is my hope? Where, O God, is my salvation? Why must I struggle in such darkness and sorrow as my spirit wavers and my soul cries out?

I look to You, my Hope, my Redemption, my light in a lost and fallen world. I set my eyes upon You for healing in the power of Your salvation. Hear me, see me, strengthen me, purify me O Lord, casting out all fear and doubt. Be my ever present help, my stronghold against all that would seek to ensnare me. Open my eyes to Your path that I may walk down it with confidence guided by the steadfast protect that abides in Your love. Bind me to Your heart and let me know nothing except the triumph that comes in the boundless mercy of Your encompassing promises. Be my light Lord, now and forever and Your praise shall pour from my lips as a testimony of Your goodness and Your grace.

In the name of Your Son, my hope, my Savior, Jesus Christ, Amen.

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