Prayer: In Grace Reveal Yourself Lord

By Your grace I find my hope and my salvation as Your encompassing mercy comes to overtake my life O Lord in the strength of Your wondrous love. In the divine wonder of Your blessed miracles does compassion and grace wash over me in the power of Your Spirit as I am uplifted to a place of honor in Your sight. It is Your Holy nature that pours down into my life to draw me to those places where peace does dwell.

Reveal Yourself therefore, O Lord. Reveal Yourself in the full majesty of Your wisdom and Your knowledge that these good gifts You have been given unto me may be magnified through me. Let Your glorious triumph shed from me all fear and doubt, leaving nothing but the praise of my heart for the healing that comes by Your touch. In grace awaken, in love arise, and mend me in the lost and broken places within that I may, by Your covenant and Your Word, be made whole. In sacred faith do I hold fast to Your assurances, let them stand steadfast with me O Lord, that I may be set free from the traps and the snares this world can hold, raised up to glorious liberty by the love You have for me.

In the name of Your Son, my Savior, the source of wisdom and grace, do I pray these things through Christ Jesus, Amen.

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