Prayer: Show Me, Guide Me O Lord

Show me Your ways, guide me according to Your love, O Lord. Let Your grace be, unto me, a beacon of hope in a lost and fallen world, and Your mercy the light that illuminates my way as Your wisdom shines from Your throne to guides my feet. Hold me close, drawing me nearer to You that I may find comfort in Your precepts and strength in Your promises, that I may be given the power to move forward when all I feel is tired and lost, like I am drawn back to the places I have been and seek to escape.

Stumble as I may I trust You, O Lord. I trust You not to let me fall, not to let me trip never to arise again. My faith is placed in You O God as I look at the darkness in front of me, as I stare into the fog that surround me, knowing that You will not forsake me to it, that You will not leave me to take missteps amidst the despair that seeks to grab hold of me. I know You will not let me be overwhelmed or dragged to the pits of pain in the struggles that I face for in You lies the power of hope and peace, shown through the power of redemption and salvation that You have given so freely unto me.

Show me Your ways then O Lord that I may never be lost. Guide me according to Your love O Lord that Your praise my pour from my lips as I raise my songs of thanks to You in the divine reconciliation that so miraculously and wondrously saves me.

In the name of Your Son, my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who live and reigns with You, who, to find the lost and give strength to the fallen, to heal the sick and mend the broken heart, Amen.

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