Prayer: Lift Your Eyes and See O Lord

Lift Your eyes O Lord, lift Your eyes and look upon my life, see my struggles and my difficulties, the challenges that lay there before me. My days are long and wrought with battles that always seem to come for me, robbing me of the peace that I so long for, the comfort that You have promised unto me with the love and the hope that You have intended for my life. They seek to overwhelm me, to overpower me in the depth of the darkness that they bring.

Your wisdom, O Lord, Your knowledge, it brings solace to the weak and the tired, it finds the lost and lifts the fallen. It is the promise of Your steadfast devotion for Your faithful children. This is why, in utmost reverence and wondrous love for Your boundless mercy, I raise my intercessions to You O Lord. See me from on high and guide me to the resting place of the Messiah. Show me the path to Him that He may heal my wounds and mend my broken heart. Lead me down Your path O God, that I may know righteousness and mercy as grace encompasses my life in the wondrous power of Your love for me.

In the name of Your Son, my Lord and Savior, the truest source of wisdom and power, hope and strength, Jesus Christ, Amen.

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