Prayer: Arise and Awake to Light My Way O Lord

Awake O Lord, shine Your light upon me. Rise up in glory O Lord, and let Your hope rest upon me. I look to You, O Lord, that I may see clearly, for though the world was once lost in darkness, stumbling through the fog of sin, death and the Devil, You lit the candle of salvation through Your Son and redemption freed us all from our captivity.

Lift Your eyes now O Lord and look on the face of Your child seeking Your wisdom, searching for Your knowledge. My struggles are upon me and my challenges are before me. I feel the pain and the sorrow of my hurt as it weaves through me, taking hold of me as it tries to drag me down from the places You have set for me in love and hope for my future. Come then, in steadfast mercy and glorious strength, to lift me above these dark and meager places that draw me from Your faith and attempt to pull me from Your grace. Show me the road to Your righteousness and guide me down the path to Your boundless courage as I dwell in Your covenant day by day.

Hear my pleas O Lord, hear them and rise up to my defense that Your praise shall, in awe of Your great miracles, divine and holy, shall pour from my lips, in testimony to Your love.

In Jesus holy name, the name of the Light of lights, the bringer of life and hope, do I pray, Amen.

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