Prayer: Lead Me that I May Kneel Before Your Throne, Amen

In hope I seek Your throne O Lord, searching for Your wisdom as the source of all peace and Your knowledge as the beginning of all strength. In faith I kneel before Your throne O God, searching for the courage and the love to meet each day in the boundless mercy of Your encompassing love. Take me, O Lord, lead me, my God, be all that I need to know the solace of Your grace in the times of trials and triumphs of my life.

Though this world be filled with tribulations and temptations, though challenges and struggles follow me where I may go, I put my trust in You O Lord, knowing that the power and the glory rest in Your hands. Let nothing claim dominion over me except Your encompassing love as it free’s me from all bondage and captivity and let me know nothing save that of Christ and His great sacrifice for the cause of my liberty. Show me the path and guide my way through all that I may battle through, steadfast and vigilant for me as You offer unto me that which I need to face the world in all that I am with all that it brings.

With praise for Your holy name do I pray these things resting in the wondrous love of my Savior Christ Jesus, Amen.

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