Prayer: Guide Me According to Your Hope O Lord

Guide me by the star of Your promises O Lord, let Your assurances guide my spirit and lead my soul to the places where Your miracles rest. Shine Your light upon me O Lord that I may see clearly through the darkest of nights and the foggiest of circumstances to find myself in the hope that Your faith gives, strengthened and preserved by Your sacred and divine love for me. Show me Your ways that I may journey in peace according to the wonders of Your mercy for me.

By Your Word O Lord redemption and salvation was Your vow to me, by Your covenant the power of righteousness was guaranteed to me. In these promises do I draw my comfort and my courage, knowing that, as You once led the Magi to Your blessed Child, the source of hope in this lost and fallen world, so now do I trust You to lead me now to lead me through all sorrow and despair, all struggles and hardship to the wisdom and the knowledge that only You can bring to me. Show me the way O Lord, show me Your way O Lord, that no treachery, no pain, no sorrow, may touch me as I look to You as the source of all good in my life, praising Your holy name for the wonders You have and will bring to my life though the miracles of the Christ Child.

In Jesus holy name, the name of my great Intercessor, do I raise my supplications to You, Amen.

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