Prayer: Show Me the Path of Your Saints O Lord

In grace and mercy I kneel before You O Christ holding tight to the magnificence of Your hope and the strength of Your love. Shine Your light upon me and fill me with the Spirit of comfort and peace in the beauty of Your redemption as it grants unto me the salvation I so long for. Let my faith be my courage as I make my way through this world looking towards my heavenly home as my solace.

Encompass me with a love for You O Lord, let it devour me, setting me ablaze in You. Show me the path of Your Saints, those who have suffered in Your name, that I may see the healing that You offer, that I may draw power from their power, that I may know that, in all trials and temptations, You stand steadfast in Your wondrous miracles. Guide me down the path of Your servants that I may feel the wonders of Your mending touch in the wondrous miracle You perform each and every day in the lives of Your children. Raise songs of praise from my lips as I forever rejoice in You.

In Your Holy Name do I raise my prayers and supplications, Amen.

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