Prayer: On the Day of Your Son’s Birth, O Lord

Let me rejoice in Your love, O Lord, for on this day a child was born, and He has become the light of this dark world, the blessed savior to a lost and fallen people hungering for hope and life. Let praise raise from my lips for Your grace, O Lord, for on this day a child was born and He has become our redemption, reconciling humanity with You as He ransoms us from all captivity and bondage. Here is where I place my faith, in the blessed assurances of Your Word, fulfilled in the Christ-child born unto us.

Though darkness and despair, hurt and sorrow chase my spirit, I shall fear nothing for my heart and my soul are in Your healing hands. Freedom pours forth from the cradle of my Saviors birth, ringing the bell of liberty for all people. Peace and comfort rise from His nativity as His birth ushers in the rest I so long for, and the hope that I so desire. My strength is in the name of my Christ, my blessings are in the divinity of the great mysteries of His incarnation. Comes challenges and struggles let me never, O Lord, lose my sights on that as Your word is made flesh and Your promises are given new life in that new gospel covenant that comes only through the Messiah who brings You with Him.

In the blessed name of the King of kings and Lord of lords born in such meager estates on this day, Amen.

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